Saturday, October 12, 2013

What what what what.


Nothing excited is going on my life!!!

All I've been playing online scrabble, watching Girls on repeat, listening to Miley's new album (go ahead... Judge me while you can), browsing about yoga studios and eye makeup tutorials.

Can we just talk about me, graduating in a bit???

Our yearbook theme is movie scenes. Of course I'm hooked with my two bests and we're planning a scene from a TV show... Or a movie. It's still kind of a blur. Our graduation colour is maroon and gold. I'm planning to give away a bit of surprise baskets, I'm thinking of giving away bouquets, I don't know. If there's a site that I'm always on nowadays, it's Pinterest. I'm carefully building my 'graduation' board and it's a secret board. I don't know why I made that board a secret when my dream wedding board is public. Yours truly have a bad case of sorting her priorities.

Like, lip stain or eyelash curler? Wait, don't lash out reasons! This is supposed to be effortless!!

(I think I'm a bit overwhelmed on the graduation party more than the graduation itself)

I thought I'm just going to leave high school carelessly, thinking nothing but OMG FINALLY OUT, YAY???, jumping up and down because "we're freeeee bitches yay we're freeee" but no.

All I could think about is how am I going to stay in touch with these amazing people that made my high school period so damn fun?! Can someone press the pause button? It's going too fast!

I read a cheesy tumblr quote that said "good things must fall apart in order for better ones to exist" or something like that because I don't remember, but that quote is so true. I've lost some things... And god replaced it with better substitutes. Like my earphones.

The thing is, my earphone is not comparable to the friends I have now.

And to see how easy it was, detaching myself from people I used to know best makes it even scarier.

Could you just keep the scrabble, the jokes, the rumours, the cupcakes, the secrets, the bitchy stuff we made of people, the feelings, the songs, the scoldings, the lunchtime, the everything coming?

In the end, what you do, isn't going to be nearly as interesting or important as who you do it with. (JG)

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