Thursday, November 17, 2011

Separating Cs

One of my new things I tried is joining Karya Ilmiah Remaja or Student Scientific Work. This organization (or productive activity) is not that crowded and there's only... Idk, 10 between us? I'm very welcomed and what I love about the activity is that all of my friends are there (MaulAmelRia, and Ochi, also Sasa) and the advisor is my favourite teacher, Ibu Hikmah of Physics. They just had their experiment on qualitative check of Sugar productivity in photosynthesis, and when I joined, they decided to find another theme. With efforts, we picked Quantitative research on vitamin C that contained in beverages that claimed of having vitamin C in their product, like Vitamin Water and Pulpy Orange. I'm so excited and (actually) had some methods from my research. Too bad I forgot to print it (And Ibu Hikmah was not here today) so... Maybe next week. Btw KIR has a blog too but I forget the URL-_-

This week has been very abusive to me, as I had two exams this day (One, I ace and the other not so much) but as always I used cardio as my getaway. I've done hip hop class so far and planning to go on body combat tomorrow. I'm loving my life (now).

I'm going to watch Disney Live on the 20th, and have chem remedial on Saturday. Hopefully photography starts on 10 am so I could join.

Excited much. 

From the video of The One That Got Away

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