Friday, November 4, 2011

It's been a while, I guess?

I've been busied by Midterms and Drama Musical for my class, but nonetheless I still should update more. About the result of my midterms... I'm quite satisfied. Well, I think I could do much more but I'm happy with my position now. I'm in the #4 out of #20 with scores....

1. Agama Islam 90/75
2. Civics 97/93
3. Bahasa 92/95
4. English 84/98
5. Math 94/99
6. Physics 92/92
7. Biology 94/89
8. Chem 85/64
9. History 90/87
10. Geography 93/96
11. Economy 94/93
12. Sociology 86/84
13. Seni Budaya 80/-
14. P.E. -/85
15. ICT 87/60
16. Arabic 85/88
17. Sundanese 84/76
18. Environment Study 98/87
19. Al Quran 90/95
*first score is the daily achievements, second is midterms.

Yup, I earn two remedials. The passing grade in SMA Bina Insani is 75, which is not quite high for me (compared to spensa who has 80+ on every subject, yeah) but I still is sorry for myself, that I could do so much more. And the psycho-test I took resulted great, that I should enter jurusan IPA and that my best field for my future is Kedokteran, Kedokteran Gigi, Farmasi, MIPA, Manajemen Rumah Sakit. I supposed I'm born in the world of medicine? Hahahahaha.

I attended two fashion event lately; first Nikicio's: Mixte Le Printemps private fashion show. I got the invite from @NYLON_IND for answering their question: Give us the reason why you deserve the tickets. My answer are quite simple, because I'm young, I love fashion, and I would love to explore more and gain experience. The collections are absolutely amazing and I bought myself their sheer skirt. The second event is the Nylon Fashion&Art Festival, and I watch Esprit's, Bershka's, Stradivarius' and Marks and Spencer's. Picture coming out soon!

And... That's all

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