Thursday, September 12, 2013


I just don't get it BUT my hair is at its best when I am at home, when no one is looking, when I had my worst attire, while I am eating chips with a jar of hummus.

Life is so mean sometimes?

Anyway. I'm here to rant about my tiredness. Because all I've been is tired. All I've felt is tired. I just think my day is too long and I don't want to get out of home for seven days but then I'd miss a lot of shit not going to school. I don't know. I actually don't mind going to school at all. I love school, I love my class, I love my classmates and the crazy schedule and the early morning classes even though it's super duper exhausting. I hate commuting. I hate waiting for my bus, I hate getting home so late just because my transportation home is not 24/7, and I hate how I'm still afraid to drive.

I mean. I drive a lot at home. The road is kinda mine. But with the amount of traffic and other people in the road, this kid right here could be a murderer. I never speed actually, I'm terribly slow. But sometimes I kinda forgot that I'm not alone in the road, so...

A murderer? It's a possibility.

My drowsiness and weariness aside, my senior year has been great. I didn't have my haircut yet but my range of cooking skills for my lunchpack has widen. I didn't paint my nails because the only thing that got colourful is my notes. My classmates have been nothing but a pleasure to have and one of my favourite people on earth is in the class with me, so... It's been nothing but fun. Idem to my P3A (or additional obligational classes we took every Tue, Thu (6.15 to 7.15) and Fri (14.15-15.15). I'm just hoping I will do exceptional job on try outs (and my favourite people as well) so we'll somehow end up in one class and continue to have more fun.

If you're gonna preach me on having too much fun when all I should've done is studying... Then trust me, a. You don't know how amazing my surroundings are and b. You don't know what my priorities are.

See you when my coconut yogurt is ready!

(It kinda sounds disgusting, is it? Ergh. I've ran out of ideas)

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