Saturday, September 7, 2013


Ok I might be kind of late since other school blogger (that's you, Rin and Biw) already did this activity during sport and my class is kinda late.

A week late.

No worries.

At first I was scared by the idea of playing futsal (mini football? It's like football but it's played by 5 people only and the rules is kinda the same. Except there's no offside otherwise we'll never score a goal) because let's face it. I'm proud as an ADHD kid and I'm not ashamed of it, but the motor aspect of an ADHD kid is soooo bad and in playing futsal I have to maintain two thing I suck the most; balance and precision. So my first thought was; hell yeah, I'm getting Fernando Torres as a nickname because I can't score. Well, Torres can, but he scores when he want. I can't control that, I just can't score. Torres 1 - 0 Brina.

At first we have to do the cool warmups I've seen in pictures of Chelsea FC training. I feel awesome doing that because I'm doing what the legends did. It contains several moves like jumps and runs and cool things in between.

Then the sun got too funky and it's actually really hot outside, so the girls took the first match and I kinda forgot who's on the team. Hehe.

(Hanan if you're reading this, I'm sorry if I kinda forgot but was it you on the first team?!! HAHAHA LOVE YOU NAN)

All I remember is it was really hot, I was running, I was trying to score and my teammates were AWESOME because we got a cool defender and Hanan and Lina was continuously creating chances for us to score (which I ruined always, d'uh) and Ega and Sarah was clearly A+ keepers. Sarah got a new nick; Sarah Cech!:)) clean sheet baby.

But then I got the ball and the defence line was empty and the next thing I know, I scored. I scored. 1-0 for XII IPA-2, BUT it was pure luck. XII IPS' keeper caught the ball inside the goal line so I scored.

Who cares,

I was so happy but keeping it on the inside because I wanted to look cool and act "lol-whatever-it's-no-big-deal" all over my crappy face, burnt and hot all over.

It was so awesome. I feel like doing it again every week. At the end, we won for 3-1 during penalty.

Now, my feet kinda hurt.

A little bit. It's no big deal.

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