Saturday, May 11, 2013

Never too much

So I've been doing nothing but the routines; school, cleaning, laundry, watching a bit of stupid tv to cheer the mood up. Not that it need something to perk it up. Just kidding. I've been in an awful mood lately.

The family feud has been... Tiring. Can't take it. Even though I ended up getting what I want and everything and everyone and the last details are fine and handle-able, I'm still upset over the final decisions. Posting a family matter for the world to see is a bit tricky, but I'm soooo upset. Some people are just too selfish and ego-narcisstic to understand. Moreover, I haven't found the right people to finally opened up about this craziness and this insanity my family adapts too. Because they don't and cant and some just won't understand. They are born in a perfectly fine families, with a working dad and a home-based mother, with furiously missable siblings and meticulous dinner every night. I'd lose, I'd give up my defeat, but not with this. 

And I got a plan over this week. Monday: Chemistry exam and physics project. Yoga and early bed. Tuesday: Fuckload of homework and reading. Glee and internet surfing. Wednesday: Stupid school. Organising my class's movie clips. Thursday: School, school, school. Friday: Have I mention school? Saturday-Sunday: Finishing the editing of the frikkin movie and trailer options and poster options and more options and whatever they want me to make.

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