Saturday, November 9, 2013

Queen of Di-saccharine

I tested my study-tenacity with several songs... I mean, I need to be exceptionally focused when it comes to studying. When I came across Lana, I gave it a try. I mean, it was my jam for most of 2012 for a reason, right? I put National Anthem on and was hooked, I kinda forgot I listen to other songs other than Lana's.

Not until recently that Lana has a major list of the unreleased ones and Queen of Disaster was my song of the week. I kinda can't wait for her next album; she's such a goddess.

This week was super sweet.

I can't remember anything though, but I know it was super sweet.

My best friend celebrated her first monthversary... I got a taste of the new Gingerbread Latte (I can't say that I like it though, holidays are just defined by venti, for kids, toffee nut latte on an early Sunday, catching a read and finishing homework) and to say that I'm ready for next week is actually perfect.

Today is cheat day (I think I'm the only one on the team who's established a cheat day, hahaha. He's so discipline when it comes to fitness and diet) and I finished a single serving cup of Coffee Haagen-Dasz only to be confused on the calories thingy. You know, the label. I'm used to english and 'calories' that the japanese readings confused the hell out of me.

I never thought a cup of ice cream would scare me this much.

P.S. Thank you, Kaskade.

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