Monday, December 5, 2011


Mood: Fucked up.

Hello. I'm in my finals week now; the most hectic week of the year. I made my pace to study/rest/study/rest, unlike the others who seems using the rest/rest/study/study. I'd be dead if I'm in that pace. I actually have a lot in mind but yet again, none is easy to express. I finished the first chapter of the narration I keep on posting on the blog. Should post more later.

I can tell you that I'm officially a part of OSIS SMA Bina Insani, now:)  Komunikasi dalam Bahasa Inggris, that's what I am.

I took the pledge and hopefully I'm all over it. Our first program is Class Meeting and I believe it will turn to success if everything is acting the way it should be.

And, oh, a friend of mine had lost his father, you know who you are, be strong as ever to eternity. My prayers will always follow.

P.S. Why it's bitter now when it used to be all sugar, Mr. Romantic? Because truthfully, with all of the specialness you got and the perfect bow that runs around you,

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