Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Oops... I did it again.

Leave it to Shabrina when it comes to creating goals and /not/ reaching it. I believed I missed two posts already? Yeah.

THIS IS A HAPPY POST! I hope I'm not dorky.

So I want to tell you about the Easter Break!

As a non-celebrating cult of the holiday, I and my Mom decided to go on a road trip to Mt. Bromo in East Java. This is my first time of being actually 'alive' for the moment, as my last visit there was when I am... Around two or three, which basically is redundant. To be quite honest, I was not really into the hiking and sightseeing part. Going to Bromo means I can drop by to Malang and meet my friends. Yep. That's actually the objectives. To meet friends. How ~extroverted~ of me.

(P.S. If you believe in Myerr-Briggs personality test, mine converts from INTJ to ENTJ because of college. How about that as a development of my personality. I think I spent less time with myself too, as my lonely time is usually accompanied by hundreds of words essay or papers, or some kind of homework that needs a huge amount of attention to deal with. #CollegeLife #nbd)

Thursday night, I went on a plane at 8 to Surabaya and arriving at Juanda Airport at 10-ish and I went straight to the mountain. How optimistic, I might say. We arrived in the before Bromo area (where phone reception is still widely available, I have no idea what is the area is called BUT there is a gas station. Gas stations=sign of humanity) at 2 AM in the morning. Yep. 2 AM. I slept throughout the journey from the Airport to the Bromo area and was wide awake during the trip after. For me, I think of it as the 'receptionful' area was Cipayung and we are heading to Cipanas, where things can get messy sometimes. The road was more extreme than Puncak though, as it is literally two small ways at the edge of the cliff. After that, we got off to get to our jeeps (fun fun fun). We were chasing the sunrise at Penanjakan 1. Some said that Penanjakan 2 have a better view but we need to, like, hike 800 meters in a cliff-y kind of trail and I was in no mood of doing anything physically challenging. The place was PACKED. My jeep can't park far, near the top so we have to take ojeks to the top. The beauty of Indonesia, right? Imagine being in Iceland and wanting an ojek so bad. Or maybe a dog sleigh? I don't know. It was quite cold, but just the air con type of cold. It gets freezing though, but because I was so into capturing the sunrise, I didn't realize that my hands were frozen and glued stiff to my camera. The sunrise was beautiful, though.

How awesome is that. After that we went to the crater, or kawah. I took some pictures blogger style, but as always, it will fail at some point. We had to take 200+ steps, but don't be discouraged because it is actually easy peasy. It is pretty uphill, but it is quite safe. On the top, however, is where things get a little creepy for me. I am not usually afraid of heights, but I am sure of fearing that my clumsiness somehow will lead me falling down into the crater and being eaten alive by the mountain. It was creepy, and I didn't spend much time there. I saw one guy walking quite high and all I was thinking about "WHAT IF HE FELL DOWN THERE WILL BE RIOT HERE." Anyway.

I am closing my eyes with fear. The next part was the fun part! The Bukit Teletubbies and Pasir Berbisik. It is REALLY cool.

It was so fun. The sceneries were so easy on the eyes, and I took lots of pictures. This is BTS:

To be quite honest, I am not the easiest person to shoot with. I am very hard to 'chill' and need to do a lot of silly things first to break the ice.

After all of that I met some of my friends (!!!) I met during AIESEC conference, and went to Surabaya to meet my family.

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