Saturday, March 16, 2013

Something stupid (like I love you)

(put some cool music on first)

Weird thing is, I said I love you so easily. Truth, I kinda love everyone. In different ways, in a thankful ways. At some points, you'd be hearing "Aaakkk! Thank you!!! I love you so much!" from me. But seriously. Ask yourself again. If you're really, truly my bestfriend, you won't be hearing a lot of this from me. All I throw you is just another bullshit jokes or insecure reminders for you. Via text, sure. I give a lot of ILYs and smooches via text, but man, I didn't even hug. I mean if you threw your arms around me than sure, yeah, I'll hug you back. But to be the bigger person and stretch out my hands? Nope. Even though sometimes at moments I wish I had been hugging, squealing my bestfriends, I won't do that.

No. I'm not crazy, lol. 

Or delusional.

Here's the thing. I think I've said I love you at perfect times, and have people saying I love you at perfect times. You know. When no one is around and you just kinda say it loud, with a big smile. Or when everybody is around and the words just kinda sneak in the back of your neck. Or you kinda gave a gift and they said thank you, and they opened it and you can just see it in their eyes that they love it, and in comes the I love you. Perfect moments. Now? Not so much. I kinda give it away easily though. Too easily? I don't know. 

It's just that, hey, do that perfect moments exist anymore? If I have the opt to either relive those moments or create new ones... You'll know which one I'd pick.

Nah. I'd pick Germany for university over anything at this point.

(Met Herr Klauss today and to be honest, I did not get every word he said. Man, those German and that accent. Better play dead but hey, that's future right up there)

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